Cow Pat Champion

Android, Unity

A mobile game
for Android.

I created this free to play mobile Android game as a learning exercise, using animation and 3d models.

There are no adverts or in app purchases, just a simple toy of a game with realistically modelled cow pats.

Getting a complex physics simulation running on Android phones was a technical challenge and required custom shaders. To lower the performance requirements I wrote matcap (material capture) shaders to bypass having to calculate lighting for the models and using pre-defined lights from texture lookups.

I also rewrote the shaders shipped with Obi Fluid to make them OpenGL ES2 compatible and simplified a lot of the calculations in the shader to get the game running on Android phones

Assets used

Big Vegas

Big Vegas is a great model offered at mixamo, with eye, brow and mouth animation texture sheets for a cartoony look.

The pipeline between the fbx models and animation from mixamo, editting them in Blender and importing into Unity caused a lot of issues, mainly due to all the bones being re interpreted and renamed by Blender so animations would no longer work with modified meshes. The solution is to pipe all the animations via blender so they all get renamed, painful but it worked.


Obi Fluid.

Fluid simulation for Unity. This powers the cow pat physics. Its effectively modelled as a very thick dense fluid.

I had to make a lot of compromises to get it to render properly on mobiles, especially OpenGL ES2 phones.


Low Poly Animated Animals

This asset had the three cows.

Originally the cows were flat shaded but it was simple to update in Blender to get a smoother look to fit in with the rest of the scene. I also added in the tail raise and wag


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